Supplier of Design Concepts

Our creation department grows and models ideas until they transform them into finished products that will be ready to pass the final test when it comes to the quality and requests of our clients.

The design of the floral arrangements is made depending on the season, on the clients’ preferences, on the used packaging solutions.

Production of plants

in pots


We distribute nationally, with our own fleet, as well as through strategic partnerships with important logistic companies in Romania.

The prompt delivery of our ordered products has a very important place in the service package we offer to our clients. This service package is always managed and optimised with a special care, taking into consideration the needs of our partners.

Customize and Labelling

Professional labeling of packaging

We know that a perfect product occurs from a simple idea. And we know that if our perfect product suits your business, your style, your décor from home or from the office, or it perfectly fits in your garden, it is worth to be bought!

We are offering you unlimited possibilities to create labels and wrapping depending on your preferences! You just have to contact us!

Specialists in décor

We are renowned specialists in landscaping with natural plants for indoor and outdoor.


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