Customize and Labelling

We were telling you at the beginning of our story that a good idea can revolutionize the art of creation and an innovative idea will create a unique design and full of personality.

Well, because we want to increase the profit of our partners and we like to bring novelty and originality in what we are offering, we have a special attention for customizing our products!

Labeling also plays an important role in the presentation of products so we are proud to be the only representative of the Dutch company Elburg Smit – a specialized company on labelling and professional wrapping in the horticultural field

What materials do we use?

An attractive product is a product that convinces that it is worth to be bought. It matches your style, the decor in your house or it is suited for the person you want to give it to!

Recycled glass

A material that offers the finished product an elegant aspect given by the transparency and sophistication.

Waxed cardboard

A material that is durable and friendly with the environment used at the manufacturing of SmartCups, which we customize with inspirational messages or suggestive images.


Whether it is coloured, glossy or matte, the cardboard is an alternative material that can be easily recycled.


We find it in the pots and the accessories; it is a light and resistant material, an alternative to deluxe materials.


A natural and easy to process material, the wood is used for creating increasingly unusual pots, as well as for creating accessories which will give the arrangement a warm, pleasant aspect.


A material that comes from processing clay, and with all this, a strong and representative product, very ease to personalize!


A noble, aesthetic and durable material, which proves to be resistant to the environmental factors!

Dried and preserved flowers, mosses and reindeer moss

Natural materials that can become a very wide range of accessories, from coconuts to cinnamon sticks, from dried hardwood and preserved flowers, crowned or flat moss up to reindeer moss in different colours.

Twigs and Wooden materials

Either they are manufactured from twigs, willow, rind or bamboo, the baskets or supports are among the most used for floral decor.

How do we set the design?

Design is the result of the work of the creation department. It all starts from an idea that is adapted according to the price (which is reflected in the purchasing power), the season, the target market, the customer demand in order to finally represent a finalisation solution.
The products that we will offer will be unique, they will be both original and special and we guarantee that they will impress and attract the final buyer!

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