Here are the main stages of the logistic chain within our company:

Choosing the plants in the greenhouse

In order to ensure our products are at the highest qualitative standards, our department responsible with supply follows closely the entire acquisition process, starting with the production phase.

After our plants pass the qualitative control, they are waiting for the transportation to arrive at our central warehouse, depending on the information received from the supply office!

Transportation from the greenhouse to the warehouse.

Our logistic partners are informed regarding the loading of the products from the greenhouse or from the central warehouse from where we acquire the plants (either from our greenhouses in the country, or from the greenhouses in Greece or from other warehouses in the European Union).

Once the plants are carefully loaded in the truck, they are already on their way!

In the warehouse, the arrangements are created and packed

Once the truck with the products has arrived at the warehouse, our colleagues from the production department unload the plants and they check them, quantitatively and qualitatively.

The production and creation manager meets with the team and assigns responsibilities.

They are packed according to the clients’ preferences

The colleagues from supply send the centralized orders so that the production team knows the type and what assortment and what arrangements will prepare, the information included on the label, the necessary quantity, packaging and way of packaging.

In the end, the products must pass once again the qualitative test – the finished products must be impeccable!

The packaging is always made in compliance with the specifications of each individual client: on CC, on half CC, in Euro or Chep pallet boxes or on presentation shelves that the clients can use for displaying the products in the shop.

It is delivered in central warehouse or door to door

This is the time we are all waiting for, the clients and us also: delivery of the plants!

The retail chains have specific needs when it comes to delivering the products, so that they are delivered in compliance with the structure of each different partner: door to door or direct to the central warehouses.

We distribute nationally with our own fleet as well as through strategic partners with important logistic companies in Romania.

The merchandiser checks the products at the shelf

Last year, we decided to take one more step in the relation with our partners and we have developed a simple, but efficient IT program, developing in this way an entire merchandising department.

After a close collaboration with the chiefs of the supermarket or hypermarket departments, it is generated a report of the sales of our products and the activity performed in the shop.

What products are looked for, how and where should they be positioned to make an impact, what does the public search for, are the products compliant qualitatively, do they have the correct price displayed? The merchandising department will answer all these questions, weekly.